Shadow Day 2013, Part 2

Education Workshop

Constructing 3-D and 4-D Models

PASS Youth Mentorship’s Shadow Day for 3rd-5th Graders
March 15, 2013

Every Spring students from Galing Bata have the opportunity to visit the UC Berkeley campus, where mentors provide games and workshops for the students. The education workshop is intended to excite students about learning and seeking a higher level of education...(read more)

For this year’s education workshop, I introduced students to the basic concepts of multi-dimensional shapes. By beginning with a single point (0-D), expanding that to a line (1-D), a square (2-D), a cube (3-D) and then a hypercube (4-D) students were able to see the basic theory behind a very abstract and seemingly difficult concept to convey to younger students. After this short introduction, students were given small marshmallows and toothpicks and were allowed to either design their own 3-D structures or they could use my 3-D representation of a hypercube as inspiration. Students’ creations ranged from small hypercubes, to ambitiously over-sized ones, and other designs including buildings and large bow ties.