Invited Panels and Workshops

Talking Social Justice: Students’ Experience with Real Conversations of Race

20th Annual Multicultural Education Conference at Sacramento State University
April 26, 2014

“Real Conversations in Real Time RCRT (Flowers, 2005) is about developing an authentic voice and maintaining engaged dialogue on issues like race and racism. This presentation will offer the graduate students’ experience and perspective on learning social justice education.”

Questions the panel addressed:

1. What has your experience been like while learning social justice education?
2. How has your learning experience transformed your thinking and or perspective on others and education?
3. Are you (more) critical/conscious of the media and the language you and others use? Are you more aware of isms?
4. How can we as educators help shape the language we use and teach to foster equity and social justice in education?

Conference Program (PDF)

Workshop on AB123 for Teachers

Hosted at UC Berkeley
November 9, 2013

Facilitated group discussion with 8-10 participants on AB123, Filipino contributions to the agricultural worker labor movement and the state of Filipino American history in public school curriculum today.

Guest Speaker & Film Screening

Asian American Studies 146: Asian Americans & Education
UC Berkeley
March 14, 2013

Showed documentary, “San Francisco’s Filipino Education Center & the Establishment of Galing Bata,” and then discussed the film with the class. We particularly focused on the question of language minority rights and equitable access to bilingual instruction, and by extension, the ability to preserve one’s heritage language.

Lesson Plans

American Culture

East Bay Refugee Forum Workshop
October 25, 2013

1-Hour workshop for clients at Oakland’s East Bay Refugee Forum. Topics included greetings, formality vs. informality, asking questions, punctuality and privacy.

Developed and presented with Vincent Kwan and Hieu Than Phan

Education Workshop

Constructing 3-D and 4-D Models

PASS Youth Mentorship’s Shadow Day for 3rd-5th Graders
March 15, 2013

Every Spring students from Galing Bata have the opportunity to visit the UC Berkeley campus, where mentors provide games and workshops for the students. The education workshop is intended to excite students about learning and seeking a higher level of education...(read more)

For this year’s education workshop, I introduced students to the basic concepts of multi-dimensional shapes. By beginning with a single point (0-D), expanding that to a line (1-D), a square (2-D), a cube (3-D) and then a hypercube (4-D) students were able to see the basic theory behind a very abstract and seemingly difficult concept to convey to younger students. After this short introduction, students were given small marshmallows and toothpicks and were allowed to either design their own 3-D structures or they could use my 3-D representation of a hypercube as inspiration. Students’ creations ranged from small hypercubes, to ambitiously over-sized ones, and other designs including buildings and large bow ties.


galing bata filmingVideo Production

Storyboarding, Filming and Editing
November 1, 2012

Lesson Plan for Galing Bata Students:
A 3 day hands-on series exposing students to video production.

Developed for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Watch one of the finished products made by the students.

“The Boogering” – A Health & Safety PSA

Last November I prepared a three part workshop on film production for the 6th, 7th and 8th graders at the Galing Bata after school program. This film was a very success product of those lesson plans. These students created a short film showing how germs travel (represented by the green/blue clay that appears on countless people and surfaces).


booksDeploying Printers via FileWave

Technology Department
New Haven Unified School District
February 24, 2017

Covered steps for creating and deploying local installations of network printers for clients running Windows 7 or 10 operating systems via FileWave Client Management.

enneagram_colorIntroduction to the Enneagram

Student Affairs-IT Internal Workshop
November 6, 2012

Personality Awareness Training:
The various motivations that drive us all. Opening the mind to our co-workers’ alternative approaches to everyday tasks. This training session had an added, interactive segment following the presentation.

Redeveloped with David Squeri
Unit 3 Unit Supervisor

booksAdvanced TWiki Techniuqes

Fall RCC Training
August 15, 2012

Training for new and returning Residential Computing Consultants (RCCs):
How to navigate, edit and maintain Residential Computing’s internal cornucopia of documentation

enneagram_colorIntroduction to the Enneagram

Unit Supervisor Training
August 7, 2012

Personality Awareness Training:
Condensed two-part training from 2011 into a single 1 hour session. Summarized the different motivations that can influence each of us. Following the presentation, participants took turns sharing their reactions and thoughts. Those who have taken the training before shared how knowing their type has helped them in the workplace.

Also attended by the Chief Technology Officer, Associate Director, and Technical Services Manager from SA-IT

Enneagram-Main-Fullsmaller_transparentPersonality Awareness Training

UVA* RCC Supplemental Training
February 29, 2012
November 9, 2011
Unit Supervisor Training
August 5, 2011
March 15, 2011

Two part presentation on the Enneagram:
Participants were given a summary introduction to the Enneagram, and some reading material. They were asked to reflect on what is their type and why they believe they share that type’s motivations. During the second part everyone shared their conclusions and any additional insights or struggles they had along the way.